The term "Pawning" coined in the late 1800's means the same as collateral loan. When a client "pawns" an item at 1st Choice Pawn they are receiving a short term collateral loan against an item that they own.

Pawning an item is the easiest way to get the cash you need fast...without extensive paperwork and best of all your credit situation has no affect on your ability to pawn. If the item is not picked up within the term of the loan, it is simply put into our inventory and sold.

A pawn loan is a loan that is secured by an item you own. To obtain a pawn loan, bring in any item of value including: jewelry, stereos, shotguns or rifles, electronics, tools, musical instruments and more.

You will meet with a friendly associate who will work with you to get you the cash you need. Your items will be stored in a secure area until your loan is paid. You have 90 days, If you can't pick up in 90 days you also have the option to extend the loan or renew it. Please remember to bring a valid, current government issued photo identification.

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Come get a loan!First Choice Pawn & Loan

We are currently accepting any of the following to secure a loan:

  • Jewelry, Shotguns/Rifles, Electronics
  • Televisions, Stereos, Tools
  • Musical Instruments and More!

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