Sell Your Stuff!

Sometimes you may want to sell your items, instead of receiving a loan on its value. We pay top dollar for your quality merchandise.

Now is the time to take inventory of your forgotten treasures!

Our appraisal team includes members with experience in all segments of the profession. At 1st Choice Pawn, you can sell all your gold, silver, fine jewelry, coins and paper money to one company and know that you are receiving the most in return. Maybe you have an extensive collection; just a few coins you've saved over the years, or old coins you inherited from a relative or received as a gift. It doesn't matter the quantity or if the collection is worth $10 or $1,000,000 -- 1st Choice will buy it. Our staff is searching for and paying aggressively for the following:

Gold, silver and platinum coins

Gold, silver and platinum bars

Mint and proof sets

Commemorative sets

Dental gold

Colonial money

Silver dollars and half dollars

Large-size bills

Small-size cash hoards

$500 - $1,000 - $5,000 - $10,000 bills

Confederate money

Error currency

1st Choice Pawn also purchases antique marbles, toys, art porcelin & pottery, art glass, sterling flatware and hollowware, and most other small items of value. We would love to hear about any other things you might be interested in selling. Remember, value is a combination of condition, rarity, and saleability.

For a quick idea of what your item or collection is worth, come and meet one of our experts. We can give you an approximation of what we would offer for what you have. With some items, value is a combination of condition, rarity and saleability and we will need to visually inspect the items prior to making a firm offer.

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Come get a loan!First Choice Pawn & Loan

We are currently accepting any of the following to secure a loan:

  • Jewelry, Shotguns/Rifles, Electronics
  • Televisions, Stereos, Tools
  • Musical Instruments and More!

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